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Residential Property Management

KMS experiences long term cleaning and maintenance relationships with property managers of residential buildings.  Every service offered by KMS – air duct, dryer vent, chimney, fireplace, furnace, coil, and air conditioner cleaning are coordinated with your property manager to ensure residents receive exceptional service without the difficulty and stress of setting up individual appointments. KMS has experience with condominium and townhouse communities, apartment complexes, and other multi-unit properties. Maintaining properties adds significant value. Property managers can provide tenants with a streamlined process. KMS can even help property managers establish a preventative maintenance program for their properties. We make your property management goals our own!

Many companies charge clients extra to access highlevel ducts, chimneys or vents as they must rent additional equipment from another company. KMS, however, already has the equipment needed to access these areas and can avoid charging property managers additional rental fees. Each of our technicians is an ANSIcertified lift operator on boom and scissor lifts for those normally out‐of‐reach condos and townhouse multi‐unit dwellings, so the savings are passed directly to you.