Industrial Buildings

Industrial Buildings

You’ve invested a lot of resources in your building. You want to maintain its condition and improve building reliability. Preventing problems from occurring can cost far less than having the problem occur. That’s why it pays to minimize unplanned downtime and maintenance costs by properly caring for your building. KMS can help on a per project or on-going basis.

  • Air handling unit maintenance should include cleaning or replacing air filters at least quarterly.
  • Heating and cooling ducts should be clean and free of obstructions
  • Lighting should be monitored, and bulbs replaced.
  • KMS can support that program by providing technicians to do the work, routinely checking and replacing bulbs.
  • Water disasters can be detrimental to your building, equipment and production time.

KMS can provide services for you to handle all your needs!

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Capabilities Statement

KMS Air Duct Cleaning has more nationally certified air duct cleaning technicians than anyone in the United States.