Other Air Duct Services

Additional Air Duct and Chimney Services

Lifts and Booms

Many companies charge clients extra to access highlevel ducts or vents (such as on multistory buildings, apartments, or 3+ story homes) as they must rent additional equipment from another company. KMS, however, already has the equipment needed to access these areas and can avoid charging our customers additional rental fees. Each of our technicians is an ANSIcertified lift operator on boom and scissor lifts for those normally outofreach condo and townhouse multidwellings, so the savings are passed directly to you.

Robotic Cleaning and Visual Exploration

Some ducts are not easily accessible unless you cut into the structure or air duct. We understand that many homeowners are hesitant to do this. That’s why we offer robotics. This newest technology in the industry has given us small robots that go into the duct work and clean the duct work while being operated by one of our technicians. You get the expertise without the need to cut into the duct or structure.

KMS has robotics that are used routinely and can be requested for an extra fee. We can, also, use video cameras to assess the conditions of your air ducts prior to a cleaning or to locate a blockage in the duct without cutting into the duct.

KMS Robot - Air Duct Cleaning