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KMS experiences long term cleaning and maintenance relationships with property managers of commercial buildings, including airports, healthcare facilities, retail facilities, and government housing complexes, to name a few. Every service offered by KMS – air duct, furnace, kitchen exhaust, coil, and air conditioner cleaning are coordinated with your property manager to ensure you receive exceptional service. Maintaining properties adds significant value. Property managers can provide tenants with a streamlined process and KMS can help property managers establish a preventative maintenance program for their properties. We make your property management goals our own!

Many companies charge clients extra to access high‐level ducts, chimneys or vents, as they must rent additional equipment from another company. KMS, however, already has the equipment needed to access these areas and can avoid charging property managers additional rental fees. Each of our technicians is an ANSI‐certified lift operator on both boom and scissor lifts for those normally out‐of‐reach areas, so the savings are passed directly to you.

Dirty air ducts have a build-up of mold, allergens, dust, dust mites and pet dander in the ducts that are re-circulated throughout buildings, despite filters.    We provide services for most varieties of ducts, including:

KMS was instrumental in the cleanup of an enormous number of commercial buildings after the 1997 Grand Forks, ND floods when even duct work was flooded. According to FEMA, 62 percent (751) of the city’s commercial units were damaged by the flood waters. KMS was right back in North Dakota in 2011, when the Souris River broke a 130 years flood record and forced a mandatory evacuation of over 11,000 residents from their homes, along with commercial buildings. KMS, again, was involved in the cleanup of those buildings, working to return them to their original condition.

Having ducts cleaned doesn’t void the warranty on your furnace and prevents the furnace components from breaking down due to dirty conditions.  Like changing the oil on your car, routine maintenance to your air ducts and furnace can prevent a lot of damage later to the life of your property.

We have portable HEPA vacuums, truck-mounted vacuums and vacuum trucks to make sure the equipment is tailored to your unique situation.  All our technicians are cross-trained on each piece of equipment. This range of equipment and experience means that the right tools are used for your home.

  • HEPA filtered portable vacuum. For customers worried about leaving a door open to the elements during the cleaning process, whatever the season, a HEPA filtered portable vacuum can be carried to your furnace.   This electric, portable HEPA vacuum still has strong suction near the furnace without having a hose throughout the property to stumble over.
  • Vacuum trucks. For those with heating systems on an upper floor, a vacuum truck is our recommended method of cleaning.  We, also, have the equipment built into our trucks so only one visit is required, and no other secondary equipment needs to be rented or furnished at an additional price.

Truck-mounted vacuum. This vacuum is the traditional method of cleaning and the method most are familiar with.  A hose from the truck is threaded through the building into your air ducts and the debris, dust and allergens are taken up directly into the truck.

Heavy construction and remodeling projects, fiberglass insulation installation and other improvement projects make your building dirtier than normal, causing extra buildup in appliances and ducts.  Wood dust, sawdust, dirt from extra traffic through your home and insulation particles can be redistributed through your property from dirty ducts and cause aggravation of allergies and damage to electronic equipment.  

Mold can sometimes grow in air ducts, causing health issues. KMS has cleaners and sanitizers necessary to eradicate the mold and restore your home to a healthy condition. We use only EPAregistered and approved sanitizer and antimicrobial coatings. After the mold has been removed and the area has been completely disinfected, our trained technicians will apply an antimicrobial, antimold coating to the inside the air ducts to reduce the chances of the growth of mold. Due to the powerful chemicals used, the State of Minnesota requires anyone applying the sanitizer or coating be certified as a pesticide applicator. KMS technicians have this certification and have been rigorously trained in the proper application of the chemicals to ensure the correct amounts are used.

Using our many years of experience, we can help return your heating and cooling appliances to a workable condition after a fire, flood, tornado or other disaster situation. We will, also, rigorously clean your air ducts after a fire to remove the soot and smoke smells. We apply sealants to ensure the soot doesn’t reenter the building after cleaning and recoat it with antimicrobial sealant to combat the smoke smell. For water damage, we remove any mold buildup in the ducts and apply the antimicrobial sealant to reduce the chances of the mold growing back.

KMS’ Filter Program is an all-inclusive team that handles the labor and ancillary work for filters and air handlers.  The team orders filters, belts and gaskets for the air handlers.  We inventory filters and belts, along with organizing filters and storage.  The KMS technicians stage filters at the proper air handlers and install the filters on a scheduled basis.  While our technicians are undertaking these tasks, they also clean each component of the air handlers, trays, humidification controls and coils.  Sanitizing the units and performing microbial remediation/abatement is completed as necessary.  We follow proper abatement methods according to NADCA and Infection Control Protocols.  If there is general cleaning, hauling/moving or labor in these areas to be done, KMS technicians can do that, too!

Our light bulb replacement program means more than just replacing bulbs. Our technicians can do that, and so much more. We order and inventory specific light bulbs, covers, screens, and supplies.  Our technicians, also, replace lens covers, cracked light screens and report deficient ballasts. We have ANSI certified lift operators and own aerial, boom and scissor lifts to help us access tough to reach lights indoors or outdoors.

In kitchens, we clean supply and return air ducts. Our technicians clean diffusers, registers, egg crates, grilles and ceiling grids.  Ceiling tiles, sprinkler heads, stainless steel appliances, tops of kitchen equipment are all sanitized and cleaned off in this process. Our technicians, also, pressure wash, squeegee and even steam clean the industrial kitchen floors to ensure a sanitary environment.

Along with cleanliness, the integrity of ceilings is important. KMS technicians inspect your fire-retardant ceiling tiles from above and below the ceiling grid and clean the debris and dust that collects on these surfaces.  KMS cleans return drops above the ceiling, egg crates, registers and sprinkler heads with specialized vacuum attachments, ensuring areas are cleaned as thoroughly as possible with state-of-the-art HEPA vacuums and attachments.

Some facilities have high risk areas, patient areas or secured work spaces. KMS technicians will work with your facility team to build engineering-controlled environments/containments.  Containments allow us to work in highly sensitive areas without any messes, without changing the air quality, or putting any employees or customers at risk while the work takes place. All of our HEPA equipment is inspected annually and each containment is labeled and approved by a certified ACR technician.  Our containments display qualifying levels of HEPA filtration and air exchanges by a vanometer present on site.

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