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Air Conditioners 

Don’t wait until your air conditioner stops working on a 100% humidity, 90-degree day to call us!  Be proactive!  Come spring, we will come out to your home and clean your air conditioner, removing any debris that may have built up over the fall and winter (leaves, tree branches, dirt, mold, etc.). Next, we’ll clean the compressor and evaporator coil, so it will stay working all summer long.  Dirty compressors and coils don’t allow the Freon to completely cool, meaning the air conditioner must work harder to keep your house cool and sends your electric bill climbing.  If needed, we will apply a coil cleaner to maintain your air conditioner in peak condition. 

Evaporator coil cleaning

KMS technicians are experienced with clogged reheating or air conditioning coils which prevent your air conditioner from running at peak performance. We use only EPAregistered coil cleaners and each technician has been trained in accordance with MN state guidelines.