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Our Residential Services

For our residential customers, KMS provides the
following services:

• Air duct cleaning
• Dryer vent cleaning
• Furnace cleaning
• Replacement of fire hazardous dryer parts
• Portable electric vacuums
  (no long hose letting heat out the front door)
• Vacuum trucks (no need to pay extra for lift rentals
  or high powered vacuums for specialized jobs)
• Chimney cleaning
• Fireplace cleaning
• Fire restoration
• Mold remediation
• Microbial cleaning and protection
• Air conditioner cleaning
• Evaporator coil cleaning
• Red-tagged appliance restoration/emergency services
• Boiler, heat exchange cleaning
• Gravity furnace cleaning
  (including areas with asbestos)
• Post construction cleaning
• Robotic cleaning of ducts (no cutting necessary!)
• Robotic visual exploration of ducts
  (no cutting necessary!)
• Anti-microbial sealants
• Anti-mold sealants
• After hour emergency cleanings

This mean that our company maintains a training schedule for our certified technicians, abides by the standards for HVAC system cleaning on a world wide level, and stay knowledgeable on new standards, equipment, and processes. KMS is also licensed by the city of Minneapolis (L018 50006), carry liability insurance, and we are bonded.

Our Process

We start our duct-cleaning process by removing all the registers in the home, then use high pressure air sweeping. We then employ agitation techniques such as brushing or rubber agitation to remove all the dust and debris. We then use the specialized vacuum for your home to remove all the contaminants. We finish each cleaning by performing a carbon monoxide testing to ensure the safety of our customers and process.

Air Conditioners

Don’t wait until your air conditioner stops working on a 100% humidity, 90 degree day to call us! Be proactive. Come spring, we will come out to your home and clean your air conditioner, removing any debris that may have built up over the fall and winter (leaves, tree branches, dirt, mold, etc.) and clean the compressor and evaporator coil so it will stay working all summer long. Dirty compressors and coils don’t allow the Freon to completely cool, meaning the air conditioner has to work harder to keep your house cool and sends your electric bill climbing. If needed, we will apply a coil cleaner to maintain your air conditioner in peak condition.

Construction/Remodel Cleanings

Heavy construction and remodeling projects, fiberglass insulation installation and other home improvement projects makes your home dirtier than normal, causing extra buildup in appliances and ducts. Wood dust, saw dust, dirt from extra traffic through your home and insulation particles can be redistributed through your home from dirty ducts and cause aggravation of allergies and damage to electronic equipment. KMS offers special “new to the block” cleanings to combat the special needs associated with construction and remodel projects.

Current Service Special

Call KMS today at 612-627-9038, to schedule a whole house cleaning and receive a discount on your package purchase! (includes dryer, duct, fireplace and/or air conditioner)

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