Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Cleaning

The latest statistics available from the U.S. Consumer Protection Agency and The Chimney Safety Institute of America, indicate that there was an average of 22,300 chimney fires each year. During this same time, there were an average of, 70 injuries, 20 deaths per year and almost $100 million in property loss. Don’t let this happen to you or your home!! Firefighters and the Fire Safety Institute recommend a chimney cleaning every 30-50 fires.

KMS will clean your chimney inside and out while leaving your home just as clean as they found it. No more soot in the carpet or on the walls!

KMS specializes in gas fireplaces, inserts, free-standing wood stoves, and wood-burning fireplaces.  Our independently certified chimney sweeps begin the cleaning process by covering the area and furniture around your chimney with protective plastic to ensure no debris is transferred into your home.  Then, we use a powerful chimney vacuum to completely capture all the debris and creosote (a highly flammable residue burning wood leaves inside chimneys) and remove it from the chimney and the fireplace components.

After our technicians have finished the cleaning process, you will be presented with a detailed inspection report listing the work completed, including a visual inspection of the condition of your fireplace components. We locate cracks, water or weather damage, or other issues that could costs thousands of dollars if not fixed.

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