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Chimney Cleaning

Over 11,000 fires in the US last year were caused by dirty chimneys. This easily fixable problem led to more than 100 deaths and over $104.5 million in property loss. Don't let this happen to you or your home!! Firefighters and the Fire Safety Institute recommend a chimney cleaning every 30-50 fires.
In only a few hours and for $199, KMS will clean your chimney inside and out while leaving your home just as clean as they found it. No more soot in the carpet or on the walls!

KMS specializes in gas fireplaces, inserts, free-standing wood stoves, and wood-burning fireplaces. Our independently certified chimney sweeps begin the cleaning process by covering the area and furniture around your chimney with a protective plastic to ensure no debris is transferred into your home. We then use a powerful chimney vacuum to completely capture all the debris and creosote (highly flammable residue burning wood leaves inside chimneys) removed from the chimney and the fireplace components.

After our technicians have finished the cleaning process, you will be presented with a detailed inspection report which lists the work completed which includes visual inspection of the condition of your fireplace components.

Some additional services KMS offers for chimneys are In-depth video inspections are available for those chimney that require a closer look at the interior of the chimney. A portable, flexible camera is threaded through the chimney, locating cracks, water or weather damage, or other issues that could costs thousands if not fixed.

For your convenience, KMS also sells fireplaces and chimney accessories are also available to control draft, prevent cinders from leaving the flue, and to prevent unwanted wildlife from invading your chimney, including chimney caps, spark arrestors, and chimalators. Our technicians carry a limited inventory or they are available on our website or by calling 612-627-9038.

Residential Dryer Vent cleaning (including multiple dwellings)

Our technicians are experienced with all types of dryers and their exhaust systems. Regularly cleaned dryers last longer and save your gas/electric bill by drying your clothes quicker. Dryer fires are on the rise due to improper connections or venting - due to a lint buildup, the heat source becomes blocked and a spark ignites a fire, either blowing up your dryer or leading to a fire into the rest of the home. Some dryers can vent for up 25 feet or more, meaning more lint is caught in the duct and elbow works than is expelled from the dryer, increasing the risk for fire. We will work on free standing and stackable dryers.

Our cleaning starts at the lint trap and continue to the back of the dryer to insure a clean path for lint to follow to ensure a low risk of fire. Once the proper connection from the dryer to the wall has been double checked, the vent is cleaned to the exhaust point using either a spinning brush or high pressure air to force all the lint out of the vent (depending on the type of vent). We clean the impeller and ensure that it’s spinning freely to give you optimum drying capability. We make sure there is no lint in any electronic controls and replace any worn plastic tubing in the dryer (for an extra fee). Due to unique Minnesota weather conditions, snow and ice blockage can lead to a buildup of lint in the flue, so we carefully inspect these areas to remove any blockages.

Video inspection is available along with pest guards and venting materials. KMS has a certified dryer exhaust technician on staff to go over regular updates and training with each technician so each cleaning is compliant with the latest recommendations.

Furnace Cleaning

Like any major appliance or purchase, your furnace should be tuned and cleaned regularly to keep it in optimal condition and ensure no breakdowns occur. The middle of winter is not the time to learn that your furnace only broke down because it was dirty!!! Dirty furnaces can also cause in-home problems with carbon monoxide leaks. Avoid these problems and get your furnace cleaned yearly, as experts recommend.

Our furnace cleaning process varies depending on the type of furnace. KMS technicians are trained on almost every kind of furnace including: forced air, boiler, gravity, oil burning, electric and fan coil furnaces. We also able to provide service to furnaces with asbestos insulation.

A routine cleaning on most furnaces consists of detailed cleaning of the following components of your furnace:
• Blower motor
• Fan
• Burners
• Heat exchanger
• Pilot assembly
• Flue
• Central air conditioner/shaft
• Drain pan
• Drain tube
• Force draft motor and oil
• Air conditioning coil
• Complementary check of all belts
• Complementary carbon monoxide test to ensure safety

Like our chimney cleanings, a detailed inspection sheet is provided for the customer to demonstrate what areas were cleaned and any recommendations the technician may have.

We are also able to clean specialty furnaces without costing our clients additional money to rent specialty equipment or subcontract with specialty cleaners. We have all the equipment and trained technicians needed to clean the more uncommon furnaces, saving you valuable time and money!

Gravity Furnaces

Our gravity furnace duct cleaning includes the entire duct and arms, the returns, the supply ducts and the burner. We leave a detailed inspection sheet for the customer and perform a carbon monoxide test before we leave to ensure the furnace is running safely.

KMS also has a special technique to enable us to clean gravity furnaces containing asbestos covered insulation without disturbing the asbestos or contaminating the home. Special HEPA filtration vacuums ensure that the debris is contained and the dangerous material does not enter the home. KMS will even install a cleanout door for safe cleaning for free.

Oil Burning Furnaces

Whether it’s clogged or in need of a yearly cleaning, KMS technicians are trained to handle oil burning furnaces so you don’t have to call in a “specialist.” Like other furnace cleanings, all components are cleaned, including, but not limited to the heat exchanger, the flue to the chimney and draft damper. The vacuums KMS technicians use ensure that no soot or debris re-enters the home during the cleaning process. We also offer a specialized cleaning for oil burning furnace ducts that may contain soot or smoke damage.

Boiler/heat Exchange Cleaning

Older homes with radiators on the walls usually have boilers heating their homes. KMS will clean out the heat exchangers, the burners, and the flue to keep your appliance running efficiently and your home warm.

Air Duct Cleaning

Dirty air ducts have a build-up of mold, allergens, dust, dust mites and pet dander in the ducts which are re-cirulated throughout the home despite furnace filters. We recommend your ducts are cleaned every 12-16 months, more often for allergen sufferers or families with small children. We provide services for most varieties of ducts, including: gravity, forced air, and air-to-air exchange.

Having your ducts cleaned doesn’t void the warranty on your furnace and prevents the furnace components from breaking down due to dirty conditions. Like changing the oil on your car, routine maintenance to your air ducts and furnace can prevent a lot of damage later into the life of your property.

We have portable vacuums, truck-mounted vacuums and vacuum trucks to make sure the equipment is tailored to your unique situation and all of our technicians are cross-trained on each piece of equipment. This range of equipment means that the right tools are used for your home.
HEPA filtered portable vacuums - And for customers worried about leaving a door open to the elements during the cleaning process, whatever the season, a HEPA filtered portable vacuum can be carried to your furnace. These electric, portable HEPA vacuums still has strong suction near the furnace without having a hose throughout the house to stumble over.

Gas portable vacuums - These vacuums are suitable for older homes with narrow basement stairs or cellars that don’t allow for easy traffic. The vacuum is placed outside the home near a door or basement window, enabling us to access the area but maintain strong suction with a shorter vacuum hose.

Vacuum trucks - For those with heating systems on an upper floor or in the attic, a vacuum truck is our recommended method of cleaning. We also have the equipment built into our trucks so one visit is required and no other secondary equipment needs to be rented or furnished at an additional price.

Truck-mounted vacuums - These vacuums are the traditional method of cleaning and the method most homeowners are familiar with. A hose from the truck is threaded through the home into your air ducts and the debris, dust and allergens are taken up directly into the truck

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